About Me

Cheers, I am Abay and I make things for fun. Gudang Garam and Coffee i can’t live without. I love turning exciting ideas into beautiful things. Proudly owner of brand called Codelatte Indonesia, which is an Indonesian-language blog that discusses website programming.

I am good at creating problems, suggesting high level conspiracies, cursing, spell-casting and pretending to be a genius. I love watching people from a safe distance and sometime I would like to insult their intelligence. And i write some shit stuff in Codelatte Indonesia.

Me as an IT Enthusiast

As an beginner IT enthusiast, of course I try and do a lot of new things for me to learn. A little result of the crazy experiment I did was security of bugs on the site belonging to the Superman Is Dead band, working together to fix bugs on MAXEN Studio’s Content Management System, and finally i get rewarded after finding a critical bug on the RumahWeb’s site.


  1. 53R3N17Y - Python Based Script For Information Gathering (KitPloit)
  2. CrawlBox - Easy Way To Brute-Force Web Directory (KitPloit)
  3. Belajar Pemrograman Website di Codelatte (Klik Mania)


This is some horrible things made by me.

Title Info
53R3N17Y Source Code
CrawlBox Source Code
Hangover Another cool HTML Responsive Template
More Things More horrible things by me

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